Live Objects App Pioneer

Welcome to MIT Media Lab! We invite visitors with an Android device to try the Live Objects App

A new level of exploration


Discover and interact with projects in the Media Lab using our new app.

Be the first 5 to complete the tour and win a $20 Amazon Gift Card.

How it works?


Simply add your name, company, and email in the profile page and see the number of the visited projects.


Discover projects in proximity in the home page. Tap on the icon to interact!


Click on the project to see the details of the project and play the associated media

Wrap Up

Leave a comment related to the project after watching the media.

You can also tag the project as a favorite project.


View a list of all visited and favorite projects.

Tap the object to replay its content.

Share your visited projects by tapping the mail button to have a pre-compiled email with the list of visited projects!

Download App


Simply Add your email to the Google group here:

Now you can download the app!